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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Is POLICE misconduct, injecting "unjustly use of excessive force” into YOUR daily life?

Lets take a simple look at One Local Police Department and see what we find. Keep in mind, no matter how small or grand the Oppression is, it should not be Tolerated.

"The Long Beach city attorney and a representative for the Police Department say they have not yet received the claim and declined to comment."

Cmdr. Don Wood of the Long Beach Police Department’s Gang and Violent Crime division told the L.A. Times that the video "its just one piece of the puzzle, just one perspective" of what happened that day."

According to police officials, the officer was approached by 39-year-old John Del Real of Long Beach, who came at him in a threatening manner while reaching into his waistband for a shiny metal object.

Attorney Brian Claypool confirms-

“both through the medical examiner and through a photograph of the back of Del Real’s head that he was in fact shot in the back of the head.”

A Long Beach police officer steps on top of the neck of a cooperating shop owner. Another officer destroys personal property. There was no search warrant. What these two officers didn’t know is that the video feed was being recorded offsite. Are you OK with the officers’ conduct? How would you like these sworn officers coming in to your office, place of work or home and doing this to you or members of your family?

"are you starting to see a Trend?"

Various national commissions and experts on the subject of police administration have long recommended that police departments formulate written policies governing the use of firearms by their officers. 
fn. 1 Penal statutes defining justifiable homicide and powers of arrest contain broad language and provide little guidance to the officer in the field. 

fn. 2 Without adequate training and policy guidance from his department, the officer alone bears the awesome responsibility of choice when to use his gun. 

fn. 3 Studies have shown that "many departments have never reduced firearms rules or policy to written form. Instead, when to fire is frequently trusted to the judgment or the discretion of officers as individuals. Some departments have ignored the issue completely and have never considered articulating such a policy. Finally, some departments function with policies so outdated or unrealistic that they actually [61 Cal.App.3d 368] have no practical application, and are worthless and often dangerous as guidance to police personnel."

LA County Police Wrongful Death List 2007-2014 Youth for Justice 2014

The LBPD has received, to date, around 600,000 calls this year, approximately 172,500 of which were dispatched after screening. Of the 26,000 calls that have resulted in an arrest, 385 (or roughly 1.5% of all arrests) involved use of force. Use of force involves any resistance on behalf of the subject being arrested and does not always include injury.

Chief Jim McDonnell says. "To think that anyone in the community believes an officer purposefully goes out there to put him or herself on a pedestal for critique, in a place with increased danger, with the possibility of a lawsuit, the possibility of retaliation against their family,"  "well… That's disheartening and just not the reality of it." 

J.Roque founder of Cool Hand vets

 THIS CLAIM IS FALSE. Clearly Jim McDonnell has NEVER experience the other side of the fence, seeing how he is a Chief and all. Just about every minor interaction with the LBPD will turn into a pissing contest and being a long beach native and a ARMY combat Vet returning Home, Ive seen the Hate and oppression put out by the LBPD and it is EVIL without a doubt. The 1.5 claim is obviously doctored like anything else (in this corrupt Society) to help the inadequately trained Force (Oppressive Force) save face.


inspired by citing Officers of Division F10:
D. Paul

 Lets not forget the Los Angeles County Sheriffs

 Sheriff's officials convicted of obstructing a federal investigation into the Los Angeles County jails
The federal investigation originated with allegations of brutality and corruption against jail deputies. It branched off into obstruction of justice after sheriff's officials found the inmate's cellphone. The officials were accused of hiding the inmate informant under various aliases and threatening an FBI agent with arrest.

Police Goons Needed in Long Beach. Gr8 pay for Future Extortionist.