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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CHV is now recruiting BLOG AUTHORs

That's right..., CHV is calling all Veterans and active or Reserve Servicemen & woman from all branches to join us on this digital platform to discuss and share; information, thoughts, experiences, beliefs or disbeliefs with the intention to inform, inspire and or connect with our fellow man.

Even as you read this there is so much history being made, that is why this invite is being sent to you. We need more Vet-Zen Journalism to cover so many of these topics that affect us all.

is less than 15 months old and our Views have been growing exponentially 

For all of FACEBOOK's censoring and data storing and or spying, it has taught me this. We all know one another through someone and that creates an invisible tether that connects us all.

time to exploit that power to bring it back to WE THE PEOPLE.

There is no corruption or hypocrisy too small to ignore when dealing with the power structures or systems that govern US.

Bare in mind that there is no monetary gain in doing this but there isn't a deadline either. Your passion for the search for truth is all we desire. Ideas and concepts will collide or clash but as long as ego's and hidden agendas are left out, we may find answers. It is an exiting and dangerous time to be alive. Constant manufactured fear and division is being pumped into our reality but for those of us who notice. Its like having a six sense tugging at your soul begging to warn others.

With all that being said, here is some out of my pocket incentive:

When you join the CHV Blog Author team
you will receive 

1. CHV Notebook with your name

2. CHV pen (2)

3. CHV Mousepad (two choices)

Option Alpha

Option Delta

(still in the concept phase for hoodies)


if this blog was posted on your Social Media profile, then this is my personal invitation to you



subject: add me for CHV Blog Author

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