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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

...if I were a rich man....

     I was sitting on the back porch smoking with my family one night. 6 smokers in the house, all outside. With that information, we had one thing to talk about already. Smoking. We could have talked about the dangers of it. We could have talked about how Philip Morris has enough money to sue entire countries

We could have talked about the known dangerous chemicals that added to cigarettes to make sure you want to continue to use their product. We could have talked about the aggressive advertising campaigns in the 80's and 90's that were used to trick children into starting and how they are still going on today in other countries. We could have talked about anything.

The first person to bring up a topic was my step-daughters boyfriend.

"Have you seen the new 'Total Recall' ? I hear they are also going to make a new Blade Runner"

"Those are all Philip K. Dick novels, have you read them?"

"No. I don't read those kind of books."

"You just said you liked the movie, and you are excited about the new remake that is coming out...?"

"Well yeah..."

"Ok, just please stop talking... I feel like I am getting dumber whilst listening to you"

(Goes back to looking at his phone...)

As I turned to look at the faces of the rest of the group, I noticed something. Their faces we not curled up in dismay that I would say something like that. They were not smiling at a witty comment. They were all staring at their phones. Little 7 inch screens illuminating their faces with different shades of white and blue and yellow and red. Three were playing games, one was watching vines, and one was now scrolling through his facebook feed again, dismayed that his shot of breaking the silence was cut short. I decided to explain my comment, or rather defend it.

"Look at all of you! There are six people out here, and nobody is talking to each other. Each and every one of you has the entirety of all human knowledge at your finger tips, and you are playing games, or watching dumb shit. You are getting excited about shit that already happened 20 years ago. 

    They have been doing this with entertainment for as long as I can remember. First it was books, I have read 3 different books about tripod alien creatures invading earth and how we won the battle after setbacks and failures. Then they took those books and made movies about them. Then they made cartoons out of comics. Have they run out of new ideas to keep you guys occupied? They are so bad off, they are just redoing the old shit now? And you're EXCITED about that? You guys come out here and smoke and stare at your phones watching people get hit in the nuts instead of learning about something new and exciting. You could be learning about what the hell your government is doing behind your backs instead of watching some ugly chick twerk on stage with no ass! HELL, if you were at it long enough, you could BECOME one of those assholes passing dumb bills behind the nations back. Instead, you waste hour after hour of your life listening to the same fucking song over and over again because you think you just KNOW what this song is about, or watching some guy walk up to random strangers and tell stories about them for laughs.

You are going to be of voting age in this election...can any of you tell me anything about any of the people running? Bonus, you are NOT allowed to use anything you read on Facebook about it..."


"You should vote, it should be important for you TO vote. Just do me and the rest of the nation a favor, and do not be an ignorant voter. KNOW who you are voting for, and what they are all about. I would rather you NOT vote if you do not know anything about the candidates than for you to vote for somebody you heard of. Start these conversations about politics every chance you get. Get informed and blast people who learn everything from Facebook with real TRUTH. Get involved, and stop letting people who are out of touch with you represent YOU."

I noticed everybody had turned off their phones and were listening intently. I even think I saw a spark in my step daughter's eye.

"Maybe there IS hope for the future."

My step-daughter replies with. "Dude.... smoke a bowl and chill out..."

"I CAN'T because you don't know WHO TO VOTE FOR!"